Just call or email Larry with your questions or concerns and he will be more than happy to visit with you.  Visiting on the phone may give you some ideas or suggestions to try at home, or there may be an upcoming workshop, clinic or event that you could benefit from by attending or participating in.  You may want to arrange a personal visit at Larry's place north of Norfolk for some personal time and assistance with your horse, or you may chose to leave your horse with him for a more extended period.

   Larry coaches and trains recreational horsemanship, and deals with trail and pleasure riding issues. Maybe your horse doesn't like crossing water, bridges or loading in the trailer.  Larry uses, and will share with you, a variety of exercises, situations and obstacles to address those issues and hopefully achieve the desired results.  Trail Challenge workshops and events are a great tool for this type of training...reference the Equine Challenge page on this site for addition information.

  ​​ Note: There are area's of horsemanship that Larry does not deal with, cutting and reining are two examples, however, ​chances are that if he cannot answer your questions that he will know of and suggest someone who can help you.

   ​​​Larry is an advocate of training and solving problems with feel, he wants to establish an understanding with the horse. He feels that creating trust and a willingness to cooperate is very important. The horse needs to know that you are the leader...a  leader your horse can respect.  Respect is not acquired through fear, the use of force, whipping or excessive spurring those techniques only cause confusion. Respect comes when the horse understands what you want and what you are asking of him and receives the appropriate relief when he complies.  Can you use a whip? Yes.  Can you use spurs? Yes. There are any number of training aids you can use, it's how you use those training aids that counts.

​​    Although this type of training will take more time and patience the results are well worth the effort.




Help is only an email or phone call away...

Larry O. Voecks

55306 Rodeo Dr.

Norfolk, NE 68701



Have Fun....

             Ride Safe